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Keddie ghost California murder cabin #28

In a very small town of Keddie in Northern California ,nearby a larger small town of Quincy. There was Hellish murders what tore apart families and a town. That night someone or more then one person took the lives of 4 family members and a neighbor who was spending the night. Even though these were all cabins that were very close to each other no-one heard anything, including the small children asleep in a bedroom while 4 of these murders took place in the house. If you where look at the lay out of the town with the railroad tracks near by you can see that a passing fright train can drowned out any noise and that the cabins where built for a more private feel. To the best of my knowledge the town of keddie was started about 1910 and the cabins looked about from the 1920s to 1940s and looks like a vary picture perfect mountain place. Pine trees and rock are everywhere you look
,Its a seen that would give Yosemite a run for its money. Then came April 11, 1981, Sometime during the night that these murders took place. 1 of the daughters was missing and the other one had spent the night at a friends and when she came home she found this grizzly scene. For a long time the police department thought maybe the other daughter may have been involved but many months later they found her body in the woods too. It seems by this web site that some people have had been and still are vary hard on the victims in this case like it was their fault for being a Victim Keddie , I was just a young boy When this all took place. My part in this took place many years after the fact. I am not from the area, but I did grow up in Stockton area A well known Western Pacific Railroad town. I was born in 1972 and only 9 years old at the time of the killings . On the same day my grand father died so I do not recall any news of the date but only what my family was going threw. I learned of Keddie by accident one night . And I feel bad for the family friends and everyone this has touched . I HOPE THIS DOSE NOT HURT ANYONES FEELINGS But if the story dose not live on sprits may never be at rest As a train conductor, I see the same terrain often. The Feather River Canyon is 12 hours in my route and consists of about one hundred miles of 25 mph track and so I felt that I had become very familiar with it. This particular night a rock slide had occurred ahead and so the other men and I were waiting to be picked up. It was in the middle of the night and I had tied the train down while waiting for my ride. When it arrived, the engineer and I threw our bags (grips) in the carry all (auto) and as we were leaving I saw something in the corner of my eye. I saw what looked like four people standing in front of the cabin, two facing us and two with their backs to us but their heads where turned sideways as we drove buy, like whose on my turf , but it was late in the night for anyone and it was not a weekend or anything. When I rubbed my eyes they where gone. I assumed I was tired and went on to the motel. I did not think of it until a year later when I was at home and the local news was talking about a place up for sale in the Feather River Canyon and how the twenty year old murder were unsolved. So the next few days I went back with a camera and as I walked around the house I felt uneasy. When I approached the basement door something flew at me. It was a gray ball of some kind, like if you were to take smoke and make it heavy and wave it up like a large bed sheet, whatever it was did not hit me but I felt air brush by me. I snapped the picture and ran. I got into my car and drove two miles down the road and pulled over. I was angry with myself for chickening out especially since I had driven such a long way, so I pulled out my metal detector and started to comb around an old gas station. I was not there twenty minutes when a lady walked up with a book and a lawn chair. I started to talk to her and she said most people do not come around here. I told her that I worked on the rail road and I had been waiting for a day off to examine the Keddie Cabin. She started to talk about the cabin. I told her that all I knew was what I had learned from the news. She said she was next door when it happened and it was not a killer from the rail road like the news said but someone from town. I asked her if she knew a good place for me to use my metal detector and she told me to drive down the road to a creek. I did not find much but some old bottles. When I got back to Sacramento I had the film developed and as I was looking I saw her chair in one of the photos which surprised me because she had indicated that she no longer lived next door. I got home and tried to learn more on the computer. I discovered that one of the victim's head was found by a bottle collector three years after the murder in the creek where the woman directed me. The only odd thing I saw down there was an old sheet of rusty tin nailed to a pine tree with the words "Trust in God" painted in white paint. It wasn't an easy hike down there and I don't plan on leaving the rail road tracks there ever again. After doing research at home on the computer I feel strongly if you find the sex predator who lived near Keddie at the time of the murders you have the killer The Feather River Canyon seem to falls into its self every time it rains , the tracks wash out in spots from time to time and on this night we had a rock slide and the weather was bad , it was cold and wet and to have people standing outside late at night in the middle of the night in what seemed to be in the middle of nowhere seemed odd , this was about two and a half years ,ago it will be about three years come this March . Seeing people do strange things like stand out in bad weather late at night ,with no auto in sight get notice. It was not until a year after when I was at home that I ever learned about what happened their from channel 3 news if I recall. The News team was reporting that Camp keddie was up for sell and how twenty year old murder was unsolved , and when I saw the news footage I saw it was the cabin . it was the cabin people standing in front of a year before I still find it odd that the old men who trained me to be a conductor Never talked about what happened their . Most railroader will talk about everything anything along tracks to pass time, With railroaders Keddie is a world famous place because of its one of a kind wye track.You may get me to think my first sighting could be someone but the second time when I went back armed with a camera and I got up close and personal and even got its picture , witch I have studied , off and on , for the past year will not ever change my mind. I keep the photo with my Railroad Scrape book .I had a friend who asked me what I felt when I walked around the Murder cabin , it make think hard about the case and what happened that day when I got the ghost photo. I have little facts to go on but I do have a definite feeling . First it seems the family had no great riches or anything of material to take. I can not see any of the railroaders doing this A transit maybe but not likely. I can not see peoples ideas of bad cops doing this or even a case of teen age drug use being a main part of it. I had first seen a lot of things on the home computer and library computer on drug problems but that's an easy escape goat, knowing that all small towns have bored teenagers their may be some pot smoked , but this cant be the case for what happened . In out line areas in a more controlled area some bad men will hurt the youngest victims it seems a lot of times for sex. My best guess is that their was an unwanted guest in that house that night probity male and got caught doing something bad to one of the girls. The unwanted guest probity had been with the family before. When he did get caught by surprise all hell broke out and being a lager stronger male he won. He must have had help covering his tracks even if it was just a story of where he was at the time. It seems that most men will not think of that . Most of you ran away from the town turning it in to a ghost town . A few of you needed to self medicate your self just to survive ,it seems no one has any memories of Keddie . I guess no one played baseball behind the cabins . No one skated near the dorms or spent hot days at the swimming hole. No one threw rocks into the water or even at passing trains. Their wasn't even sleepovers . I cant believe everyone is afraid to talk of where they grew up at………. . That's why the police department cant solve this case no one can remember anything. I know it was an horrific crime but keeping quite seems to be a crime of all that's good. Everyone is afraid of someone who is now in their late 50s or 60s now ,but hear their chance to show the killers that they didn't win.

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